Your 1st Birthday

Hello Mr. Knox,

You first birthday has come and gone. It has been a fun year watching you grow and learn. You are the cutest. On your actual birthday we didn’t do much. We did all ate lunch together at the office including Daddy. We had Metro Pizza for grandpa’s birthday. Shortly after, Grandpa and Ciocia left for San Diego. Later that night, Grandma, Nana, Mom, Dad and you all ate an El Pollo Loco feast for your birthday dinner. You enjoyed your chicken, rice, mac & cheese and tortilla. I made you a Blue out of fleece for your present to open on your actual birthday. You loved it. It wasn’t perfect, but it was made with love.

We also had a birthday celebration with our friends The Brickey’s the Friday before your birthday. We went over to their house and celebrated both our birthdays. You got to try brownie for the first time and I think you really liked it!

Mommy decided to throw two separate parties this year because of the virus thing. I hope I can throw you one big party next year. I decided to make them a Blues Clues theme. I made a happy birthday banner, printed out some clues and Blues and hung them up all over the house, and cut out some fun pawprint cupcake toppers. We had blue everything! Blue sprinkles, cupcake liners, balloons, utensils, napkins and plates. I bought you a Blues Clues t-shirt to wear. You really enjoyed finding the clues and the Blues hidden everywhere.

The first party was everyone from Mommy’s side of the family. We had Grandpa, Grandma, Granny Sue, Grandpa Stud, Nana, Ciocia and Mr. Keith aka Chico. We played upstairs and had some pizza down at Grandma’s house. Then we all walked down to our house and opened your presents. You weren’t super interested in opening them, but you did like to play with all the toys and read your books. You got all sorts of fun toys, books and clothes. We even opened your gifts from all of our friends who weren’t able to be there but were there in spirit. After the presents, we sang you happy birthday and you tried your chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting. It seemed like you liked it and it got everywhere. We had to give you a bath after. It was a long, fun day.

The next day we had a party with your Daddy’s family. Your Memaw, Grandpa Jack, Nana and Grandpa Bill came to celebrate with us. Papa would have come but he wasn’t feeling to good unfortunately. When they got there you were taking your nap. You woke up to all of us looking at you. First we ate some sandwiches and chips for lunch while Memaw fed you something healthier for lunch since I knew you were going to have another cupcake. We all sat down and you got to open presents again. You still weren’t into opening them, but you did enjoy the gifts. You got all sorts of toys, clothes, books and a Happy Napper! You have loved the Happy Napper commercial forever now. You really loved laying down in it once I opened it. Hopefully it will encourage you to take naps. After presents, we stripped you down to your diaper to have another cupcake. You were not wanting anything to do with it this time. Daddy thinks you choked on the cupcake a bit the night before and that sort of turned you off from it. You also don’t like getting your hands dirty and sticky. We hung out a little while longer after that with everyone and then they went home. It was also a very fun little gathering.

We love you so much kid. You bring joy to everyone. Thank you for a fantastic year. Here is to many more wonderful years to come.



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