11-12 Months

Hey Picklepuss,

It is crazy how fast time flies and how big you have grown. August went by like a leaf blowing in the wind. You are 22 pounds and I am not sure how tall since I can’t get you to lay still. Last time we measured you you were 30 inches but I can imagine you have grown a bit since then. You are walking all over the place now. You fit in 24 month/2T clothing and wear size 4 almost 5 shoes. You have 8 teeth in total now but I wouldn’t be surprised to see some more teeth soon. You have been chewing on everything and you are drooling everywhere. We are now brushing your teeth everyday and you enjoy it. You are still eating some puree and solid foods. You really like to eat quesadillas, spaghetti, bananas and your cereal puffs. You wont turn away any food really. I think that will be both good and bad in the future. We will see. Your favorite thing to watch right now is Blues Clues. It is the only show that completely holds your focus and you constantly smile while watching it. You start dancing and get the biggest smile when you hear the theme song come on. You’ve even learned the sign language for notebook from one of the songs in the show. To be fair, you love any show that has lots of singing and dancing. You have the cutest little shake you do for your dancing. I will have to get a good video of it and post it on here. You have a new car seat now. A big boy car seat! Your legs were way to long for your infant seat. You seem to be way more comfortable now.

More recently you have become a bit of a poopoo head about somethings. You know what “no” means but you will still look at us and do that exact thing one more time. You will also stand there and shake your head at us. It is frustrating at times since you know you shouldn’t be doing whatever it is. One of those things is throwing your toys everywhere. You have also decided that when it is diaper change time that you are going to do a death roll like an alligator. It makes the whole experience very challenging and frustrating to whoever is trying to change you. We have found that if we give you something new and interesting to look at you will sit still long enough to get changed. Another fun thing you do is completely throw a tantrum if we take something away from you. We have to be very careful and thoughtful about what we hand you and how we are going to get it back without you throwing a fit.

Your dad bought you a bunch of plastic balls recently and you have enjoyed playing with and throwing them. You still also love giving your fluffies love and reading your board books. A week or so ago I saw a cool idea on Pinterest where you take a whisk and put fluffy crafting balls inside of it and let the little one pull them out as an activity to keep them busy. You have really enjoyed messing with that. I have to watch you though since you still feel like you have to put everything in your mouth. I need to find you some more activities like that one to play with. You enjoy learning, experimenting and taking things apart. You have been enjoying running around the office in your walker and playing mail man. Grandma will hand you colorful envelopes or stuff we printed off and you run them over and deliver them to us. Grandpa took you out in the warehouse the other day and you ran around like a crazy person. You did end up putting your arm inside the exhaust pipe of a truck and got completely covered in black soot. You are too fast. We have to cover it up now when you go out to run around. While watching the Price is Right the other day and you popped your head up off my chest and cheered/clapped for the lady who had just won $5000 without being prompted to. It was pretty cute. We drove by Aunt Krystal and Uncle Doug’s the other day in a parade for Icarus’s birthday. Afterword we visited with Memaw, Papa, Grandpa Bill, Grandpa Jack and Nana. They all got a big kick at how much walking you are doing. It’s always nice to get to see all of them. We don’t get to see them nearly enough. Especially this year with all the craziness of Covid.

Your first birthday is in 6 days. I am sorry you aren’t going to get a big fancy first birthday party with all of our family and friends. Covid has really messed things up for everyone. You probably won’t remember it anyway so I am not worried about it. We are going to decorate and have some close family over to celebrate. Everything is going to be the color blue and have Blue from Blue’s Clues. We have notice that you always pick things up that are the color blue. I am pretty sure its your favorite color at the moment. We will probably decorate this weekend so we can enjoy it your whole birthday week. I even bought you a Blue’s Clues t-shirt! I plan to make you a Blue fluffy this weekend. We will see if it gets done in time for your birthday. Your Aunt Krystal bought you one that sings and lights up.

We love you so very much and you bring so much joy to everyone. We are just so thankful God sent you to us and put such a bright spot of happiness in our lives. I can’t even imagine life without you now. Thank you for being the sweetest, smartest, silliest, pooheadedness, stubborn, beautiful, happy boy you are. I can’t wait to watch you grow into a wonderful human being.



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