I am now streaming on Twitch! Stop by and say hello.

Redeems On Twitch:

Watercolor Postcard- You are welcome to suggest what I paint on your postcard. If I don’t think I can accomplish it, I will have you pick a backup idea.

You Just Got A Letter- I will handwrite and decorate a letter just for you.

Tiny Amigurumi Character- You can choose one of the following:

-A Minion -Mario Mushroom -Baymax

-Lobster -Bat -Octopus

-Owl -Monster -Dinosaur: Stegosaurus, T-Rex or Triceratops

-Egg Monster -Fish -Snowman

-Pumpkin -Pacman Ghost -Bear, Totoro, Pikachu, No Face

-Mini Animal from my pattern book.

9×11 Watercolor- You can go to and choose any one of their water color projects and I will paint it for you on stream or choose from my already finished pieces.

Choose My Costume or Style- You get to choose from my cosplay list or pick me a style and I will do a future stream in that character or look. I am also open to other suggestions if it is something that I can easily throw together. Here is a list of what I have:

-Alice -Tinkerbell -Snow White

-Rapunzel -Elsa -Belle -Ariel

-Pirate -Renaissance -Saloon Girl

-Mad Hatter -Velma -Any Decade

-Goth -Punk -Kawaii

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