3 More Months

Hello Mr. Knox.

You are doing to be a big brother in 3 more months! Crazy right? We found out you are going to have a sister! Her name will be Scout. You weren’t super happy when you first found out since you wanted a brother, but I think the idea of a sister has grown on you. You love to say hi to “Scouty” as you call her and give my belly pats and kisses. You say you are going to make her laugh, teach her how to play your games, play with her, read to her and protect her. You tell us that if anyone gets near Scout or your cousin Rowan, you are going to “kick them in the crotch!” That will do it I guess lol

You are in a big boy bed now! I think you like having more space in it. You also picked space as your bed theme again. You say you want to be an astronaut someday. We got your crib all put back together for sissy when she gets here. Here bedroom stuff is going to be mermaid themed. I am excited to see how things will go once your sister gets here. I can’t wait to see you and her interact together, especially as she gets older. I told you the other day that your sister will be born around Halloween time and you said “that will be too scary for her!” I told you that you would have to show her that its not scary and that you will protect her. You love Halloween so I am sure you will help her love Halloween too.

June came and went pretty quickly. You had a really strange rash occur all over your sides, stomach and back. We still cant figure out what caused it. Thankfully it never bothered you and it has disappeared about a month later. The doctor couldn’t figure it out either. Our friends the Brickeys came and visited us at the beginning of June. We went to the Welk where they were staying and you got to play with your friends on the playground and in the recreation centers there. It was a cool place. The next day we met them at Legoland! You seemed to enjoy Legoland. It isn’t mommy and daddies favorite though. We didn’t feel like they maintained the park very well for the cost you pay to get in. They did have really cool playgrounds! We also really liked the Aquarium there. Your favorite part was the Lego Ninjago ride and getting one of the swords from the gift shop after. Later on at the end of June we had VBS. It was space themed! You loved the space theme. We had a pretty fun time. You loved getting up on the last day of VBS and performing “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.” You even wanted to get up with the older classes and sing their song with them.

The first week of July we took of to Las Vegas to spend a week with everyone. We had a fun time and got to do and see a lot of people. On the 4th of July we got up and had breakfast with Grandpa and Grandma. Then we went over to Memaw’s and Papa’s and celebrated with everyone. We had Auntie Krystal, Uncle Doug, Cyrus, Icarus, Uncle Cory, Auntie Gen, Grandpa Jack and Memaw and Papa. They put up a big water slide and had water balloons for you guys. You and Icarus had a fun time playing with them together. It was super hot. We spent most of the time inside. We did go out later after dark and do some fireworks. You really enjoy doing the fireworks. The poppers are your favorite. The rest of the week was pretty chill. We just visited with family mostly and ate at all the restaurants that mom misses. Of course we stopped at TK’s and you got to play your pinball machine. You are getting so big. Friday we got to go play with your friends the Brickey’s for a bit which was fun. On the last day we were in town we went to the Shark Reef with Grandpa and Grandma. You were flying through the exhibit and kind of didn’t want to be there very long until daddy offered you his phone to take pictures. You love taking pictures. You took daddy all the way back to the beginning of the exhibits to take pictures. The big shark tank was super cool as well as the jelly fish and octopus. You even touched a stingray. All in all, our trip was a fun and relaxing one thankfully. Not so crammed with plans like our weekend trips are. The rest of July has been pretty chill. We did go to Granny Sues after church the other day and we went swimming with Chico and Ciocia. We all had a lot of fun relaxing in the pool. When we got out we all had some yummy ice cream. Camp is next week, so we might drive up and visit Chico and Ciocia.

August will be here soon. We get to see your sister again and see how she is growing which is exciting. Ciocias baby shower is also coming up soon. At the end of August we are going to go up to Vegas one last time and have a birthday party for you and a baby shower for your sister. Your party is going to be Lego themed. I have had fun putting it together. After that trip we are going to stay home for a while till sister is born and your cousin. Maybe we will travel again around Christmas. We need to get a bigger car soon to fit all of us.

You are a funny guy. You don’t like being alone. You want to be with mommy or daddy always. We love you so much. Right now you are super into Roblox and Minecraft. We are trying to make sure we limit the time you have on those. We usually play Minecraft all together at night before bed, which is fun. We have been reading lot of books again recently. I need to go dig out the ones up in your closet for the rest of the holidays this year. You are still only really eating the same things over and over. You are enjoying learning math and tracing letters and numbers. You also really enjoy crafting things with me. I am glad we can do that together. You just got into watching PB&J Otter and Rainbow Rangers. You also really love Shimmer and Shine. We also recently watched Trolls which you enjoyed. Purple is still your favorite color. You love taking pictures on your little camera I got you. You are also big into Mario and Mario Kart. We’ve had some terrible threes episodes more recently, but nothing too bad. You calm down pretty quick most times. You are very stubborn at times though. We have a big cardboard box that we have been enjoying coloring all over. You say the funniest things and keep us all laughing and on our toes. I need to start writing them all down. We love you and your sister so much. Keep being the sweet loving little boy you are.



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