Hello There My Precious Little Girl,

We have 19 days till we get to meet you, unless you decide to come sooner. We are all very excited to get to love on you and see you. These past nine months have gone by so fast but yet so slow. Mommy is really big, sore, tired and uncomfortable, but I know you will be worth it. I’ve gotten everything ready for your arrival. I cooked some freezer meals, cleaned all your clothes and sorted them, we have the bassinet set up in our room as well as the recliner for night time feeds, our hospital bag is packed, the car seat is sitting next to our hospital bag, all I really need to do is pack a bag for your brother in case we have to take him to Chico/Ciocias or Granny Sues if you decide to come early.

We have gotten to see you about three times now. The first time you were still just a tiny thing with no form, but the next two times we got to see your cute little face a bit. Your brother loves you so much already and can’t wait to see you. He gives my tummy lots of hugs, kisses and pats. He likes to call you Scouty and tell you how cute you are, how much he loves you and goodnight/good morning. He wasn’t a huge fan of the thought of having a sister at first, but it sure has grown on him. I can’t wait to see you two meet. It will be interesting. Knox has never stayed the night away from mom and dad but he is going to have to for a couple days. I hope it goes well for him. He tells us all the things he is going to teach you and how he is going to protect you.

We had a baby shower for you at the end of August in Las Vegas. You got a lot of cute clothes. Now you wont have to wear your brothers hand me downs. A lot of people gave us a bunch of stuff for you even before that. We are going to have another shower October 7 at the church down here. I think we will be pretty much set with everything we will need for you. It is amazing all the love and support you already have in the outside world.

Ciocia had baby Rowan last weekend. She is such a cute little baby. I hope you and Rowan will be good buddies together as you grow up. It will be fun to see you, Rowan and Knox all playing when you guys get a bit older.

Right now as I type this you are moving and kicking around in my belly. You have been a very active baby for sure. It will be interesting to see if you are super active when you come out. You don’t like moving for anyone other than mom, dad or brother. I have tried to get other people to feel you, but its like you just know its not one of us.

Mommy is going to have a c-section to get you out. She is a little scared about it, but is putting her trust in God and her doctor that everything will be ok. I can’t wait to see you and cuddle you. I want you to know though if something ever did go wrong that I love you so much, with all my heart, forever and always. It is crazy the amount of love you have for your children, even if you haven’t got to meet them outside the tummy yet. Just know mommy loves you. Daddy does too! He is super excited to meet you too. I picked you guys a wonderful father and I am super blessed that he is my husband. Everyone else in the family is really excited too! You will complete our little family of four.

I love you so much Scout. I am counting down the days till I get to hold you.



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