September 16, 2023

Hello Mr. Knox,

Tomorrow you will be 4 years old. Wow the time has flown. We love you so very much. You are such a funny guy. You constantly make us laugh and smile. More recently you have kind of become a bit of a poohead at times, but you’ve been great up until now, so its ok if you are a poohead every once in a while. You are such a sweet boy. You are so excited to meet your sister. We’ve got a month left till we meet Scout. You like to come up to my belly and pat and kiss and talk to her. You tell her how much you love her, how she is such a cutie, how she is your favorite girl in the world and you call her Scouty. You have been super cuddly more recently. You are also super sweet to momma and help me get things, or move things or pick things up to help me. I think you are going to be a wonderful brother. Any day now Ciocia is going to have her baby. It will be interesting to see how you are when you meet her baby. I am most excited to see how you are when you meet your sister and see how you enjoy having a sibling. I know you will have a lot of fun once she reaches an age where she can play more.

Your favorite color still is purple, your favorite food is pb&j sandwiches and hairy fishie poofs(flavor blasted goldfish), you love dark chocolate or chocolate chip cookies, you really love all your onesie outfits we got recently (Gengar, Pikachu and an axolotl), you fit in size 5-6 shirt and pants, you wear a size 9-10 shoe, you are about 40″ tall and 40 lbs, you love building things, Roblox is one of your obsessions (Pet Pad Party, treehouse games and the dog/kitty games), you like playing Switch games with your dad (Lego Games, Kirby, Smash Bros, Mario Kart and Mario Party, you also love playing Skylanders, you love playing My Singing Monsters and Plants vs Zombies with mom, you love to pretend you are some sort of animal with powers and you evolve into different ones often, your favorite holiday is still Halloween, you love Chickfila, you are still super picky about food but you are starting to get back to some foods you used to like, you enjoy playing Legos, you love playing with people (anyone who wants to play), your favorite shows are Nella the Princess Night, Shimmer and Shine, Spidey & His Amazing Friends, Ben10, and any Lego shows, you love playing outside, you love kitties, and you love apple juice. You surprise us constantly with things you say. You know a lot of big words and ideas. You love math and you are getting pretty good at adding and subtracting. We have been working on tracing letters, numbers, shapes, and cutting things. We really need to start sitting down and doing more learning stuff. You pick up on things pretty quick. This morning you woke up and came in my room and cuddled me for a bit. I love cuddling with you. I am glad you still love cuddling. You have the funniest personality. You also can get pretty angry at times. You are pretty good about the anger mostly and don’t take it out on people. It’s something we need to work on though. You Hulk out sometimes.

We had an early birthday party for you at the end of August in Vegas. It was Lego themed. Grandma and Daddy helped me decorate the party really cool. We had a table where everyone could build their own Lego creations or color their own mini-figures. We had sandwiches, chips and cupcakes. Memaw, Papa, Krystal, Doug, Cyrus, Icky, Margie, Bill, Gen, Cory, Grandma, Grandpa, Crystal, Scott, Rory, Everett, Brandon, Mya and Elias all came to the party. Everyone had a fun time. I think you enjoyed getting to play with your friends.

For your actually birthday tomorrow we are going to go to Corner Bakery for lunch and then Build a Bear to get your 4 dollar bear with everyone down here. Then later in the day we are going to have a picnic dinner at Granny Sues to celebrate you and Grandpa’s birthdays. I bought a bunch of fun balloons to blow up and surprise you with outside your bedroom door in the morning. We will see if that idea works out or not.

Mommy is ready for sister to come out. Like I said, we have a month to go. My c-section is scheduled for October 17th at 12:30pm. Mommy is a little nervous about all of it. Last time she kind of had to just go with the c-section with the way things turned out and didn’t think about it much. She’s studied up on them more, is a bit older this time and is a bit anxious about this go around. She is just going to trust that her doctor is very skilled as well as that God will get me through it without any complications. Just know that if something goes wrong, mommy loves you very very much, forever and always. I also would need you to make sure your sissy and dad knows that too.

We all love you very much Mr. Knox. I am going to make sure to hold you and love on you as much as I can before your sister comes. I know you will seem so much bigger and older once she is here. I also know that we will try really hard to make sure you feel included and loved when she gets here. I know it will be hard to do at times, but I am going to try so hard to make sure you don’t feel left out or ignored. You are our wonderful, sweet, smart, loving, beautiful boy. We are so grateful you are ours. God truly blessed us with you. Happy 4th Birthday Knox.



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