• Quotes and Poems

    No. 24

    Many a word at random spoken may soothe or wound a heart that’s broken. -Walter Scott

  • Recipes

    No Bake Granola Bites

    I recently found a recipe for these super delicious granola bites. They are a great mid day snack or for a sweet dessert that is a bit healthier than others. I found the original recipe on Like Mother Like Daughters…

  • Random

    25 Random Facts About Me

    Here are 25 random facts about me.  I would love to hear yours! 1.)  I love anything retro or from the past.  I enjoy looking back at old pictures and seeing what life was like.  I love all the different…

  • Quotes and Poems


    Example sheds a general ray of light that men are apt to borrow; so first improve yourself today, and then improve your friends tomorrow. -Valentine Vousden

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