9-10 Months

Mr. Knox!

Where is the time going?! I can’t believe that we are almost in August and you will be 11 months old. You are the happiest little guy I have ever met and I love your little squished up face when you smile. You currently have 5 teeth and one coming in. It was a rough last week for you with 4 teeth coming in. You stand up and hold yourself there for quite some time all by yourself. You don’t really seem interested in walking quite yet. If someone is holding your hands you will walk. You love throwing toys over your play area fencing. You love reading books and your favorites right now are these little farm animal books, especially Poppy the Pig and the book Never Feed a Shark. You have been enjoying all your Nick Jr. shows recently since we don’t have Disney Plus on the TV in the living room at the moment. You love the Happy Nappers commercial that comes on every so often. You still mainly say dada but you’ve started saying nanananana very loudly. You love to eat. You are still eating purees, but we also feed you solid stuff you have eaten in pureed form. Your favorites are the little puff cereals I give you as a snack after your afternoon nap. You love to cuddle and hug all your fluffies now. It’s super cute. You know a lot of words and what they are. To name a few: hug, kitty, chewy, binky, baba, food, dada, sheep, fox, pig, clap your hands, wave, phone, and no. I am sure there are more but I can’t think of them at the moment. You are getting pretty good and putting the shapes in their holes. We have a hard time with the heart and the flower. We will get there though. I also ask you to share your binky with me and you will pull it out and hand it to me. I pretend to eat it and give it back. It’s super cute. You wont share your cereal puffs though. You will pretend like you are going to hand someone the puff but then you take it back and eat it. You love turning light switches on and off. You fit in size 12-18 clothing already. We’ve trimmed your hair twice, but it grows back so fast. You love watching Mickey Mouse, Bubble Guppies, Peppa Pig, Blues Clues, Paw Patrol, Pocoyo and Number Blocks. You still come to work with mama. You have a really cool tent like pack and play that you like to play in. I climb in it with you sometimes. You also like to walk around the office in your little walker.

We recently sold our house and moved into Granny Sue’s house. It gives you so much more space to play which is nice, but there are scorpions we have to look out for now. We have glass jars on the legs of your crib because they can’t climb glass. We also pulled your crib away from the wall. We check your play area every time we put you in it. I am so afraid of one stinging you. Dad even bought black light flashlights so we can patrol the house looking for them. Hopefully when we start looking for houses again, we can get one that doesn’t have palm trees in the yard. I think that’s where they come from. You love the shutters on the windows and like to play with them when I am changing you. You love to drop your binky down in them.

The world is still crazy right now. Covid-19 is still out and around and probably will be for a while. Then you also have BLM protests now and everyone wants to defund the police. You also have Antifa and all of their rioting and destruction. There is also a huge, elite pedophile ring everyone is covering up and I think it might be slowly coming out. I am really scared about the way things are going in this country. I am hoping that all the negative the media shows us is just a small myopic thing and not all big as they all want us to believe. I think there is still a lot of good in this world and the media wants us to focus on the little bad. It’s also an election year, so we will see how that goes in November.

Mommy and daddy love you soo very much and we can’t wait to celebrate your first birthday with you in a couple months! You are our sweet, kind, funny, smart, beautiful, loving baby boy and we are so glad God gave you to us.



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