7-8 Months

Hello Mr. Knox,

You are currently 8 months old and so much has happened since my last post. You now have 2 front bottom teeth, you wave, clap, crawl like a pro, stand up using leverage on things and say Dada! I wouldn’t be surprised if we see you stand up and walk soon. We started feeding you solid foods. You like carrots, sweet potatoes and green beans, but you are not a fan of peas! We will have to try out peas again later. You absolutely love eating food. You always look for more after you run out. You also give us the puppy dog eyes when we are eating our food. I think you are going to be a great eater as you get older. You are just the cutest and most fun little guy I know. It is so much fun to play with you and see how your mind works. Everything is still going in your mouth. Doesn’t matter what it is. You really enjoy your car toy, your fishbowl and your books. You will pick up a book and bring it over to us and we will read it for you. Your favorite one right now is Hand Hand Fingers Thumb. You love it when dad reads it to you. You also have a stuffed kitty that Granny Sue gave you that when I ask you where the kitty is, you go grab it. You get super excited at Grandma Shawn’s house when you see the kitties walk by. You also love to watch Mickey Mouse and Henry Hugglemonster. Anytime the hotdog song comes on you wobble in place and smile. You sleep in your own room now and sleep through the night. You go to bed around 8:30 pm and wake up around 6:30 am. This has helped with mommies sanity a lot. You still aren’t great at taking naps and fight them. We bought you a new playpen for the office. It’s much bigger and it gives you a lot more space to play. You seem to enjoy it a lot more. Even we climb in with you ever so often. You also had your first Easter! You got a couple baskets, one from Memaw, one from the Easter Bunny and some outfits from Grandma. One of the things you got was a bubble machine. You weren’t super sure about it at first since it was so noisy. You were actually kind of scared! Mom also had her first mother’s day. Day drew a picture of you and me for my card.

We haven’t really seen a lot of people in the last few months because of Covid19. We pretty much go to work and come home. We have visited with your grandparents a few times. We haven’t seen any of our friends and even some of our family. It has been nice just getting to be home with you and dad. I have enjoyed being able to watch you grow during this time. Nana has really enjoyed having you over and getting to watch you play and swim. You went swimming for the first time the other day. You absolutely love it! We get you in your little shark rash guard and put you in your hammerhead shark floaty. You can reach all the way out on the shelf, so dad will take you out a little deeper and let you float. We also went to the condo for the first time on May 15-17. You really enjoyed getting to play on the carpet up there. It was mom, dad, you, Grandma, Grandpa, Ciotka, Mr. Keith, and Keith’s parents (Julie and David.) We didn’t really go anywhere but we did go on a couple walks. We went over to Memaw and Papa’s the other day for Papa’s birthday. We got to see Grandma Margie, Grandpa Bill and Grandpa Jack. I think tomorrow for Cyrus we are going to drive over and say hi out the window since Cyrus isn’t having a birthday party this year. We are currently in the process of selling our house. We are going to move so we can be closer to Nana to be able to help with her. She can’t see well and has Alzheimers. She is still trucking along though. We are going to rent Granny’s house until the market goes back down and we can buy a bigger house. I am excited that we will actually have a house big enough to throw your first birthday party in 4 months. I think we are going to do a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party. Hopefully people will want to come in 4 months. A lot of people are still a bit scared about Covid.

Recently people have forgotten about Covid and are protesting a man’s death named George Floyd. Some evil men treated him very wrong and killed him. Peaceful protesting started to fight the injustice of it all, but now a terrorist group called Antifa is trying to make the cause look bad by rioting and looting and burning things. I am sure some of the protesters have joined in, but I am pretty sure all the evil occurring is cause by someone organizing it to cause problems. When you grow up I want you to know that all people are equal no matter the color of their skin and anyone who destroys something, kills or beats someone, burns things down or is destructive is evil no matter the color of their skin or what they stand for. I think a lot of people are forgetting that fact. Anyways, enough about all the craziness going on.

You are mommy and daddies sunshine and we can’t imagine life without you now. That little smile you give us just makes us melt. We love you with all of our hearts. I pray all the time that you continue to grow big, strong, smart and kind. Keep being the sweet little guy you are.



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