5-6 Months


You are 6 months old. We cannot believe that we have had you for half a year. How the time flies. You are such a delight to be around. We love you so much. You have the cutest and most infectious smile and laugh. You bring joy to all of those around you. You roll all over the place now. You like to be on your tummy. You are also so good with your hands. It’s so cool watching you progress and learn. You are super smart. You know all the ways we try to get you to take a nap and you fight naps so hard. Your Memaw bought you a jumper/activity chair and you have enjoyed standing up in there an playing. You are starting to try to crawl. Sometimes you get those knees up under there and try to move. We took you to your first basketball game the other day at the Thomas and Mac. It was SDSU vs Boise. SDSU won. You enjoyed taking it all in. You looked so cute in the noise canceling headphones I bought to protect your ears. You even took a nap during the game. You also tried some rice cereal for the first time the other day. It was everywhere, but I think you enjoyed it. You would get mad when I would take the spoon away. You wanted to hold it yourself of course. You are so silly. You love being startled, you love playing “tent”, you love looking at yourself in the mirror and you love your new Mickey Mouse blanket your Aunt Krystal gave you. You are still chewing on everything. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some teeth soon. You love reading books. We try to read you a few everyday. You really like the ones that have textures in them that you can touch. You are a texture type baby. You like to touch everything. You are very gentle and deliberate when you touch things. Even when you grab hair or touch someone its more of a gentle touch and not a yank or slap. In April we plan on moving you into your own bedroom. I will be sad to move you in there but I think I will get much better sleep that way and I think you will too. You love hanging out with your Daddy and he loves hanging out with you. I enjoy watching you two play together. One of the games you guys play is you grab dad’s hand and he makes noises like you are driving all crazy. You also like it when he picks you up and makes you fly around like you have a jet pack on like a Mandalorian baby. Recently we have been giving you a shower every other day. I hold you in the shower and dad scrubs you all up. You like to play in the water and I think you stay a lot warmer then in your little bath. This week Granny Sue has been in town to hang out with you. She is really enjoying getting to spend time with you and loves you so very much. You make her very happy. The world is going a little bit crazy right now. There is a new virus going around called Covid-19. It originated in China and has made its way around the world. We are all pretty much staying inside to stop the spread of it. Most nonessential businesses have closed and all gatherings have been canceled. It hasn’t been so bad for us as a family so far. The only concern is how our economy will be affected. It is also hard to find food right now, so hopefully everyone will stop panicking and buying out everything at the stores. Thankfully we have cloth diapers and wipes if we need them for you and you can start eating more solids if we can’t find your formula. I have faith that everything will turn out ok in the end. God will take care of us. You are so cute and I love you so very much.



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