Snow Day

Hello Mr. Knox!

A couple weekends ago we went to the condo for a fun family trip. Daddy, you, Mommy, Grandma and Grandpa all drove up to the condo on Friday and Ciocia and Chico drove up to meet us. It is such a fun time up there. This time we brought up a bunch of stuff we need for you and left it there. That way the next time we go up we have all of it and don’t have to pack it. We left a pack n play, a mattress, a high chair and the baby gates. I really hope we keep going up there more frequently. It’s very relaxing and its nice to be able to drive halfway to meet everyone. We set up the baby gates in the family room and let you roam free. You really enjoy having all the space to play and the attention that comes along with having no internet up there.

On Saturday we went out in the alley behind the house and played in the snow. We tried to build a ramp to go down, but it didn’t work out. The alley is a good enough ride anyway. I bought you a little red sled and one snow disc for everyone else to use. You enjoyed riding the disc with everyone. You loved the ride down but you got upset when it stopped and we had to walk back. You really liked it when we started spinning. Hopefully next year you will be tall enough to go to the inner tubing place that we took Rory to. You only have about 4 inches to grow before we can go there. We also played in the piles of snow back there. It was snowing when we drove up so it was all clean and fresh. You really enjoyed picking up the snow and throwing it at us. Especially walking up to us and smashing it on our heads. It was funny getting you dressed up to play in it. I remember that process as a child. You even wore the outfits that we wore when we were little. You were so cute all bundled up. Grandma, Chico and Ciocia built a snowman in the front yard. It was fun seeing how busy Snow Summit was. Lots of people going up to ski and snowboard.

The rest of the weekend consisted of sitting by the fire, watching movies, doing puzzles and just enjoying each others company. I love that when we are up there we all get together at the table for meals and enjoy spending that time together. We have been eating at the table more this whole last year also, but it’s just nice to be at a big table all together. Wish we could have gone down to the main street to look in the shops, but maybe we can do that next time.

I love you baby Knox. It was so fun watching you experience snow for the first time. I hope its something that we can take you up to do for many years to come.



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