1.5 years

Hello Knox!

It has been a while since I posted last. You are a year and a half already. You recently had your last vaccine at your doctors visit that you have to get for quite a while. You took it like a champ. The last few times we have gone to the doctors you knew where we were and immediately started crying. This time I let you bring your Blue and Pink Fong to hold and you didn’t cry at all. You had a couple times where you started to whine a bit or make a sad face, but you were a big brave dog! You didn’t even react during or after the shot. You even waved goodbye to the doctor. It was a small, hesitant wave, but that’s better than the screaming and crying of the two times before that. You even heard other little people screaming and crying and you stayed brave. I was so proud of you. You measured 33.5 inches tall and 26lbs 6 ozs but two months removed from then and you have gotten even bigger/heavier. Right now all four of your canine teeth coming in.

You have a nice chunk of things you say now. You get your yes and no correct which is super helpful in understanding what you want. You say ball, cheese, green, yellow, purple, blue, pink, red, two, three, pee, poop, shoe, oh shoot, bubble, car, juice, kitty kitty, key, nigh night, please, thank you, Pete and baby. There are probably more I can’t think of at the moment. You also have the most super cute noises you make. You have a noise for cats, elephants, pigs, monkeys, dinosaurs and ducks. You do your own little hand motions for snack, dinosaur/shark, dance and brush your hair. You know what all your shapes, colors, lots of animals and objects are. You know most of your body parts, dinosaurs and who all your family members are. You are just sooo super smart. You never cease to amaze us with your knowledge. You are also telling us when you pee or poop, so Grandma got you a potty chair. You doing a really good job at putting together single shaped puzzles. You love to run around with two balls of playdough and investigate the house. You love dinosaurs and Baby Shark. Your favorite movie is The Good Dinosaur and Baby Shark Space Adventure. You are really good with keys. I got you a little vet station with 6 different shaped and colored keys that go to the animal cage doors and you are pro at it. You enjoy coloring and sorting things by type/color/size. You do the cutest thing when you think something is cute. You do this cute high pitched “oh” and then pull it in and hug it. You are also blowing and giving kisses now. Sometimes you even give out kisses when you aren’t asked for one. You do really well at restaurants and most the time really well at church. You have a problem with throwing things. I think there is a few reasons why you throw things. One is in excitement, one is just for the fun of throwing and one is out of anger. If we could get you to stop throwing everything but balls it would be fantastic. I think you might have a bit of OCD. Not in a bad way, but just like mommy has had. You do little things here and there that make me think that. Your list of shows you enjoy now are Blues Clues, Peppa Pig, Bubble Guppies, Dora the Explorer, Pete the Cat, Word Party, Pocoyo, Daniel Tiger and all the Pink Fong shows on Youtube. Your Auntie Krystal made you a Pete the Cat and you love him! It was so nice of her to do.

We went on another quick condo trip in March. We walked to the park one day and you really enjoyed the slide and the tire swing. Grandma brought you up a tub of dinosaurs and we all enjoyed playing with those.

You got to go to your friend Everett’s first birthday in March. You had a lot of fun playing with him in the baby area. You also enjoyed playing in the backyard on the slide and in the bouncy house. You got to swing at the piƱata and won some candy and a little stuffed money. The banana muffin cupcake with cream cheese frosting was delicious and you ate it all up. We have also got to hang out with the Brickey’s more since then and you seem to enjoy playing with Everett a lot. You also play with Rory well, but I think you like having someone closer to your age and size to play with.

Easter was a lot of fun. You enjoyed all your fabulous Easter baskets from everyone. You got something from everyone in the family. Your favorites from each basket was Bunny Blue from Ciocia/Chico, your finger puppets from Auntie Krystal/Uncle Doug, your baby shark wand from Memaw/Papa, your fuzzy llama and animal cards from Granny Sue/Grandpa Stud, your cars from Nana Marige/Grandpa Bill, a book from Nana and your chicken bucket with eggs from Grandma/Grandpa. The Easter Bunny brought you a sticker book, stickers, baby shark finger puppets in a treasure chest, Pete the Cat and the Pirate Map, some Blues Clues characters you needed and a big pack of Oreo cookies! Saturday morning your Auntie Krystal, Uncle Doug and cousins showed up to drop off your Easter basket. Auntie Krystal came in and watched you open it and played with you for a bit. Saturday night we dyed Easter eggs with Grandma and Grandpa. You did a pretty good job putting the eggs in the cups and then putting them on the container to dry them. On Easter we woke up early, opened your basket from the Easter Bunny and then went over to Grandma and Grandpas for breakfast. When we arrived at Grandmas we noticed the Easter Bunny had hidden a bunch of eggs around the house and you got to find them. You loved it. Next we went to church of course. Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Stacy gave you some candy. After church we headed over to Memaw and Papas house for lunch. Grandpa Jack was there and Cory and Gen showed up too! You enjoyed playing with Cory and Gen. You also got to find all the eggs the Easter Bunny had hid at Memaw and Papas. Once you found them all, we had an egg fight in the house. It was a fun day!

We went to the Pirate Festival the weekend after Easter. We all got dressed up, except Grandma and Grandpa. You wore your pirate hat and mom bought some clothes from Savers and cut them up to look piratey for you. You got to ride around in your carrier for the first time. You really seem to enjoy being up so high on daddies back. We ran into lots of people we knew which was nice. You enjoyed seeing the lake and ducks/turtles that live in it. We listened to a jazz band for a bit. You got to play some of the pirate games and won some prizes. You really loved the games since you got to throw things. There was a mini train ride which you absolutely loved. You rode it once with mom and once with dad. You were upset both times we had to get off the ride. I think you will like Disneyland and Knotts when we take you. We got to see all sorts of interesting people and things. Mommy and Daddy got to eat some really delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, which we got for you to eat some with us, but you passed out before you got to eat any. You seemed to have a wonderful time. I am hoping you will enjoy the Ren Fair too!

At the end of April we went on a week long vacation to Granny Sue and Grandpa Studs house. We got there on Tuesday and went to Walmart to grab some groceries for the week. Granny got you a soccer ball, a Little People barn with animals and a tub of dinosaurs. You also got to try out the swing set Granny Sue got you. Your favorite part was writing on the chalk board with the chalk. The swing and slide were fun too. Wednesday we got up and had lunch with Cicioa at Panda Express. Afterword we went over to Barnes and Noble and you got to pick out some books. You got a Baby Shark book, Where is TRex, The Little Engine That Could and Pete the Cat: Super Pete. When we got home we played on the swing set again. Later that night we met Chico at Texas Roadhouse for dinner and grabbed yogurt from the Yogurt Mill on our way home. Thursday we went to Panera Bread for lunch and to the mall to get daddy some good walking shoes for our trip to the zoo later that week. After the mall and a nice nap, we met up with everyone at the Hotel Del Coronado. Grandpa, Grandma, Granny Sue, Grandpa Stud, Ciocia, Chico, Uncle Edward and Uncle Mike were all there. We had fancy pool cabana rooms. We got to go play on the beach in the sand, touch the waves with our hands and watch the big helicopters fly by. You loved watching the helicopters. Unfortunately it was cold while we were there so we didn’t get to play in the water. Grandma ordered yummy Mexican food from a restaurant nearby and we all pigged out. It was delicious. You tried a blackberry that was very tart and you made the funniest face. After dinner we all went back out to the beach and Grandma had rented us all chairs and a firepit. We got to make smores and eat them. Friday we woke up and drove back to Granny Sues . We ended up going to afternoon tea at the Aubrey Rose Tearoom. You enjoyed most of the food. We had Granny, Ciocia, and Shayann with us. When we got home after, you got to play on your swing set again. Saturday we woke up early and went to the San Diego Zoo with Ciocia and Chico. It was so fun seeing all the animals. Your poor dad carried you on his back all day long. You really enjoyed the carrier and being up so high. You loved the flamingos, lemurs and giraffes the best. We also got to ride in the Skyfari. When we got home from the zoo we were all pooped out. Sunday we got up and skipped church so we could hang out with Granny Sue some more before we left that day. Ciocia and Chico brought lunch over before we left. You also got to play on your swing set one more time. Every night we were there we hung out with Chico and Ciocia. We also took a nice afternoon nap everyday with Granny Sue. We had a marvelous time!

More recently we have got to work from home a lot. I think you like being home. It also breaks up the monotony of going to the same place and being stuck in a small area everyday. It makes moms life a lot easier too. Everything is pretty much the same old same old. You and me go to work everyday. When we get home you usually play with Dad for a while. We have been going on walks or rides at night with Grandma and Grandpa. Sometimes we go out front on the driveway and draw with chalk. You also enjoy running around the house with Dad or playing with your sensory bin stuff out in the craft area. Dad is working fulltime and also working on his comic book series. He had his eye surgery the other day so he didn’t have to worry about wearing glasses anymore. Mom is just enjoying her watercoloring and art journaling. Church on Sundays has been nice. More people are feeling comfortable coming back. It’s nice to see everyone and they love seeing you. We love you so much Knox. You are the best.



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