Pen Pals: The lost art of handwriting letters.

Hello my friends!  Today I wanted to fill you in on the newest adventure I have embarked on.  Pen palling.  I have always felt like it would be a cool experience to try out.  A few years back I asked if any of my Facebook friends would be interested in trying it and 4 people volunteered.  I really enjoyed getting to know those four people more and always looked forward to their letters.  Over time we all got busy and kind of stopped writing each other.  Life gets crazy and people get busy, which is totally understandable.  At this point, I have signed up on two pen pal sites to try to find some people that I don’t know who would be interested in writing back and forth to one another.  I think this will be an interesting way to learn about other cultures.  It might open my mind up to things I never thought of before and I might learn some things.

I just feel like writing letters to one another is a lost art.  You have to dedicate yourself and your time to write to someone.  I feel like this shows a lot of respect.  I also think hand writing a letter to someone has so much more personality.  You can decorate your letters, which is a lot of fun.  You can add scents to your letters.  You can sense more emotion through a handwritten letter.  Waiting for a letter takes patience, which a lot of people don’t have anymore, and gives your something to look forward to each day.  It is always super exciting when you finally do receive a letter.  It brings a little bit of joy to your day.  One of my fondest memories as a child was writing back and forth to my grandma.  We would send each other drawings, fill out crazy mad libs, send each other poems and just write about our days to one another.  It always felt like a had a piece of my grandma with me.  I love those memories and hope to make more with other people.

I have set up a P.O. Box to keep myself safe because unfortunately these days you can’t trust everyone.  If any of you would like to write back and forth, feel free to send me a letter!

Spencer W.

P. O. Box 20121

Las Vegas, NV 89112


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