38 Weeks and Baby Shower


We are at 38 weeks! Which means we have 2 weeks till your due date. We are all so excited to meet you. I have a feeling you might show up a week passed your due date, but let’s hope you decide to come out sooner than later. We have everything set up and ready to go for your arrival. Your room is ready, the hospital bag is packed, the freezer meals are made and the car seat is installed. Now it’s just a waiting game.

Your baby shower was August 17 and boy are you loved! So many people came to celebrate you. It was a beautiful shower all thanks to Grandma Shawn, Ciotka Sterling, Mema Gayla and Aunt Krystal! There were about 40ish people who showed up. Ladies from two different churches, family members and friends. It was whale themed with all sorts of fun blue colors. We had Buca Di Beppo for lunch and delicious mini cakes for dessert. I think Momma opened presents for you for at least 2 hours it seemed. You are so loved! Aunt Krystal came over the next day and helped Momma sort everything and get it put where it needed to go. You got lots of fun books and cute clothes. I think you own more stuff then your Daddy does!

These last few weeks have been a bit hard for mommy. She isn’t sleeping well anymore so she is exhausted all the time. She want’s to do all sorts of things but just doesn’t have the energy. It is very hot outside (about 108 degrees) and it makes mommy miserable. Mommy has to deal with eye problems, acid reflux, swollen ankles/feet, a sore back/hips, tons of stretch marks, leg cramps, an itchy belly, sinus issues, bloody noses and her lack of sleep, but she knows it will be all worth it in the end. Mommy also has a bit of anxiety. Not that you are coming soon because she can’t wait, but that she hopes you are doing ok in there. She hates not being able to see you and know if anything is wrong. She would much rather you be out where she can see you and know if she needed to get you help. She will just have to push through the next couple weeks and leave it all up to God. He blessed us with you and I know he will keep you safe. I really enjoy feeling you move, even if it does hurt sometimes. It’s going to be strange once you are out and nothing moves around inside my belly anymore.

We love you so much Knox. We are so excited that we get to celebrate your first Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas this year! The holiday season will be so much fun having you around. Mommy can’t wait to cuddle you, sing to you, read to you and watch you grow into the person you decide to be. We wonder if you are going to look like Daddy or Mommy. I am pretty sure you will take after your Daddy more but we will see. We wonder what you will be interested in once you are older. We wonder what great things you will accomplish as you get older. We wonder so much, but we know whatever you decide to do and whoever you decide to be will be great and we will love you and support you.

Hurry up and make your debut Knox! We want to love you and meet you <3



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