Where Has The Time Gone?!


I haven’t written one of these since August. Can you believe that? Time flies. I guess I should catch you up. We have been living in San Diego for about nine months now. It’s beautiful down here. The weather is lovely most the time. We have had a lot of rain. More then we ever got in Vegas in a year. It’s lovely living in a green area. We have enjoyed getting to see our family who lives down here more often. We do miss seeing all the family and friends up in Vegas, but we try to get up there once a month.

Your birthday in September of last year was Monsters Inc. themed. We went up and had a big party in Vegas. It was your first big birthday party were people weren’t afraid to be around each other. We had a lot of fun and a lot of people came. We got to see the Hofmanns who were in town at the same time and you enjoyed playing with baby Preston. All of our family came as well as a lot of our friends. We all had a fun time. We also celebrated Icky’s birthday while we were there. We threw a birthday party down here for Grandpa’s 60th and we also celebrated you there too. It was a surprise party for Grandpa. We got passes to Knotts Berry Farm. You loved riding all the rides there! You were such a big boy. One of your favorites was the airplanes that you rode all by yourself. You got to control the airplane and make it move up and down.

October was full of fun too. You love Halloween. We started the month of by going to the San Diego Zoo. You got to check out the new children’s area. They have a really cool water play area and you enjoyed running through it with daddy. You also loved all the Halloween decorations they had set up. You had your first play date with the Gonzales boys from church. They are super fun to play with and you enjoy them a lot. Later in the month we went to Vegas to visit. We went to the pumpkin patch with Grandma, Grandpa and Nana. You loved playing in the bounce houses and going down the big slides. We attended a Halloween party at the Brickey’s and saw all our friends. We were all supposed to go as Nightmare Before Christmas characters, but you backed out on me and daddy. I don’t think you liked how you looked in the Jack Skellington costume we got you. Thankfully mommy realized you would probably need a backup costume, so you ended up being Gecko from PJ Masks. We also got to go to the Haunted Harvest with Memaw, Papa, Auntie Krystal, Uncle Doug, Cyrus, Icarus, Uncle Cory and Auntie Gen. We all had a really fun time but it was freezing!

November rolled around and we checked out the train in Poway one Saturday. You love riding the trains. We also explored the park in the area a bit. We went back to Knotts to celebrate Granny Sues birthday. We had a really fun time again. You tried the water ride this time and loved it. We also got to see Shayann, Shelby and Ryan. They drove up to surprise Granny. Halfway through the month we lost our beautiful, funny, silly Nana. We will miss her very much. It came out of nowhere. I am really glad you got to meet her and share fun memories with her. You probably wont remember her much as you grow, but I will show you the pictures and videos we have of you and her. Later in the month we drove to Vegas for Thanksgiving. We had Thanksgiving at Memaw and Papas with everyone and watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade. The next day we celebrated with moms family at Buca di Beppo. We also went to Bass Pro Shops so you could take a picture with Santa. You enjoyed seeing the big fish tank there and the mermaid swimming in it. You loved the little puffer fish you found in the tank.

December started with Memaw coming down to visit us! We got to take her to the beach and ran her around San Diego. We had a fantastic time. We also had a new visitor show up December 1st. It was a Christmas Elf! He works for Santa. You named him Kajuice. He visited every day of the month and did something wild and wacky for you to find. You loved finding him every morning. It was the first thing you had to do every day. He was a lot of fun but he had to go back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. We can’t wait for him to come back this year. We got to take you to see the Costumepalozza by Disney Junior as one of your big Christmas presents. You loved seeing the Spidey gang and Green Goblin sing your favorite song, Green Gobby Party. It was your first live performance experience and you loved it! We went up to Vegas the next day to celebrate Christmas with Taylors family. We had a wonderful Christmas with them. You got a big PJ Masks car from Auntie Krystals family and a baby Grogu from Auntie Gen/Uncle Cory. Memaw and Papa gave you a giant Thomas the Train set. You loved all your gifts. The next night we went over to the Brickeys to make holiday cookies. You enjoyed playing with your friends. Then we came home and celebrated Granny Sue and Grandpa Studs anniversary. We got delicious pizza and ice cream. On Christmas, which was on a Sunday, we went to church. Even Grandpa Stud came! It was Christmas miracle. Then we had everyone over for lunch and games and presents at our house this year. Santa brought you your Mario Kart remote control cars. They were a hit! New Years rolled around and you got sick. Poor baby. Thankfully you didn’t struggle with croup as bad this time.

January we got to take Granny Sue to the Jurassic World Exhibit! We got to see all the big dinosaurs. You were afraid of the bigger scarier ones, but you loved the baby ones. It was super interactive and you had a great time. We did an Alice in Wonderland scavenger hunt downtown with Chico and Ciocia and ran all over the place. It was fun but we really enjoyed the Maritime Museum afterword’s. You liked playing in the tiny pirate ship in the Star of India.

February we went to the condo and got to play in the snow. The condo is always a lot of fun. We went bowling and walked around the shops downtown. We also went up to Vegas and helped Grandma and Grandpa move their office over to our old office. Memaw and Papa came and helped which was super nice of them. It was a quick turn around trip so we didn’t get to see everyone. You did get to play with Maya. She came over for a play date afterword and you guys got to throw all the ping pong balls everywhere. February was also crazy because we found out mommy is pregnant again! We haven’t announced it yet though.

March we went to Disneyland with our friends the Brickeys! It was a great time. We got to meet lots of characters, ride most of the rides, do a character lunch, and eat lots of yummy snacks. You really enjoyed the Webslingers ride in California Adventure and you got to try Space Mountain for the first time in Disney. We went and had some professional pictures taken of you. You are such a big boy now. Figured we should get some done finally and before you get your sibling. You did a great job and took lots of good ones. We took a trip to Vegas at the end of the month to celebrate your friend Everett’s birthday party. It was a Mario Kart party. They had borrowed some of your Mario Karts for cake toppers and you were so sweet and let Everett keep them so he had a few extra cars with his new track we got him. It was super nice of you. We also went to Memaws and celebrated Auntie Krystal’s birthday. You always enjoy seeing and playing with her.

April started with Easter celebrations. The church picnic at the park was a lot of fun. You enjoyed playing the games they had set up and playing on the playground. You also got to do the Easter egg hunt and you won a bunch of fun prizes. On Easter we got up and opened your basket from the Easter bunny, went to church and afterword’s we went to lunch with everyone at Sycuan. When we got back to Granny Sues, we set up an Easter egg hunt. Later in the month Grandpa and Grandma came down and we all checked out the wild animal park. We rode the safari tram and saw lots of cool animals. The last weekend of the month we drove up to Vegas and daddy sold his stuff at the Comic Con. You mostly hung out with me while dad worked. The one night I helped dad you got to go play at the park with Maya and had a super fun time playing in the splash pad. The next day I took you to the Comic Con and you enjoyed seeing all the cool stuff there. You even ran into Spin and Ghostie! You picked out a really cool dragon egg from the con with a baby dragon in it. The next day we went to the Serving our Kids Bowlathon. You did a great job bowling. We had dinner that night at Buca for Ciocias birthday. The Hofmanns were in town, and it was nice to get to see them! We even got to go to Memaw’s a few times to visit with everyone. It was a nice long visit for once. We are hoping to go back to Vegas for a week in July and spend lots of time with everyone.

But alas we are in May. We haven’t done anything crazy so far. We did go the Balboa park to Pok√©mon Go a bit and checked out the zoo after. We have passes now, so we will be going to the zoo and safari park more. We always have a good time seeing all the animals. Memaw and Papa are in town right now! They came down to visit. Yesterday we took them to Seaport Village and to the Maritime Museum. We also grabbed lunch at Corner Bakery. Yummm. It has been nice having them here to visit. Mommy’s anatomy scan is in 4 days. We get to see your sibling now that its bigger and find out what the gender is! It is super exciting. Still doesn’t seem real. You are excited and you are already the sweetest big brother ever. You love to come up and pat my belly and kiss it. You also said you are going to protect your sibling and beat any bad guys up. It will be interesting to see how you do with a new sibling. Your favorites right now are Pokemon, Roblox, the Lego games, Skylanders, Bear in the Big Blue House, Power Puff Girls, Shimmer and Shine and you recently have taken a lot of interest in math. You also really love doing search and find books. You are a poophead when it comes to eating. That’s the only place mommy went wrong. I should have let you get dirty and play with your food more. Now you only eat PBJ, chocolate chip pancakes, strawberries, strawberry yogurt, fruit pouches, mac and cheese, chicken, spaghetti, Red Barron Pizza, Goldfish(fishy poof crackers) and teddy grahams. I am trying to get you to try new things. We will get there. Its also a struggle to get you to eat without us feeding or helping you. I am hoping that will change once your sibling is born. You seem happy and healthy though. You are so sweet and smart and creative and kind. We got so super lucky with you. You are not shy around any children and love to play. You are a chocolate fiend. You love fully and treat your baby fluffies with kindness. You have so many in your bed its hard for you to fit! We need to get you a big boy bed soon.

Well I just hope you know how much you brighten everyone’s world because you exist. Especially mine. I love you so much and so does your daddy.



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