Week 19

Hello Little Love,

I am two days away from being 19 weeks pregnant with you and things are getting very exciting. I have started to feel you move this week, though I am certain I might have felt you move even sooner than 18 weeks. You are moving like a crazy person! Maybe you like to dance just like your mommy. In two weeks daddy and mommy get to find out your gender! We are very excited. We have decided that if you are a girl, your name with be Scout and if you are a boy, your name will be Knox. We haven’t figured out what your middle name will be yet. We figured we can pick one once we find out what you are. Mommy has felt from the beginning that you are going to be a boy and a lot of other people think so too. Mommy has been having lots of dreams that you are a girl though. Either way, everyone will love you so much! Everyone is very excited to meet you. Mommy and daddy are especially excited. You are going to share a birthday month of September with lots of cool people! Your mommy, Grandpa Daryl, Uncle Doug, your cousin Icarus, Great Grandma Wanda and our great friend Robin Hofmann. We haven’t decided on your nursery theme yet, though we thought it would be fun to do Pokemon or Disney. We will probably just go with a color scheme and add fun stuff to your room as well go. Mommy has been getting much better sleep more recently and the only thing that would make it better would be if she didn’t have to get up to go pee two times a night. Your life inside my womb has been pretty exciting up until this point! You have been to afternoon tea with Great Grandma Susan, you went to a KISS concert with Grandpa Daryl and Ciotka Sterling, you have been in the snow with Great Grandma Letta, you helped celebrate Grandma Shawn and Grandpa Daryl’s 33 wedding anniversary, you went to Disneyland with Mommy, Daddy and the Brickey Family and you are going to celebrate Easter this weekend with Papa Donald, Mema Gayla, Aunt Krystal, Uncle Doug, your cousins Cyrus & Icarus and Great Grandpa Jack. You have brought such a great deal of excitement, hope and love to all of our lives. You are our rainbow baby! We pray to God every night that you will be strong, healthy and perfect and we thank him for blessing us with you. We love you so much.


Your Mommy Spencer

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