Dapper Day at Disneyland


“What is this Dapper Day I keep hearing about?”  Well let me tell ya!  It is a swell day to visit Disneyland.  Dapper Day is an unofficial event that is held at Disneyland/DisneyWorld once in the Spring and once in the Fall.  It is a day when you dress in your best and frolic around Disneyland.  Here is a quote direct from the event website:  “DAPPER DAY® Events celebrates refined style from yesterday and today by organizing elegant outings and social events with distinguished locations including museums, theme parks, and more. ”  Most people dress in vintage outfits, but others like to wear high fashion.  The event has grown ever since it started in 2011 and gets bigger every year.  There aren’t special tickets to get into Disney, you just purchase your tickets for the day and enjoy.  I think they do have some discount rates for lodging though.  You can find that info on their website.

Here is a link to the official Dapper Day website:


The best part is walking around the park and seeing people dressed up like they did back when the park originally opened.  It’s fun people watching and seeing all the creative outfits people come up with.  I enjoy sewing and putting together new outfits for this event.  A lot of people also Disneybound while dressing up.  Disney does not allow people over the age of 12 to dress in costume while visiting the park unless they are attending the Halloween parties.  This helps to keep the magic and integrity of the parks characters.  The way people get around this rule is to find normal pieces of clothing that come together to resemble a character, but they are not dressed in a costume.  In the past, my sister and I have Disneybounded as Mike Wazowski and Sully.  This year, Taylor and I are going as Smee and Captain Hook.  Here is a link that gives examples and explains Disneybounding a bit more:



What is there to do at Dapper Day other than walking around the park?  There are a few things that happen throughout the weekend.  There is the Dapper Day Expo that you can go check out in the Disneyland Hotel Exhibit Hall.  It costs $10.00 for the weekend.  They have bands that play, a dance floor, lots of vintage vendors, and photo opportunities.  They also do an afternoon meetup on the river boat in the park as well as a sunset ride on King Arthur’s Carousel.  The fall meetup is this weekend and we will be there!  The two bands at the event this year are the San Andrea’s Sisters and the Jennifer Keith Quartet.   Glam Factory Vintage from Vegas as well as Tatyana Clothing will be vending at the Expo.

I plan on taking lots of photos and video to make my first vlog when I get back!  If you can’t attend this year, feel free to follow their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page to see all the photos from this weekend:




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