25 Weeks

Hello Baby Knox!

You are a boy and we have settled on the name Knox! Ciotka Sterling wanted me to name you Willaby and everyone keeps joking that we should. I told them that if for some reason you have a twin we don’t know about, we will name the twin Willaby. Our 20 week ultrasound was so exciting! The technician didn’t really have to look too hard to figure out what you are, you pretty much had your junk on full display for us lol Mommy felt from the very beginning that you were a boy. I guess it was just a mothers intuition! We also got to see you suck on your thumb during the ultrasound. It was so cute to watch. You definitely take after your daddy from the pictures we have seen. You have his pointier nose, long legs and big feet. Maybe you will grow up to be tall like daddy! I have a feeling his genes are a bit stronger than mommy’s. We will see when you arrive in September!

Everybody loves you so much already! The closet in your room is full of stuff for you. We are waiting till July to paint your room and start setting up all the fun stuff. We have already emptied everything out of there except for daddies keyboard. We figure if we wait till July, our little lovebird Toast can still have a month to get out of his cage and fly around in there. We already have your crib/mattress, your car seat/stroller combo, your bassinet, a whole bunch of cute clothes, cloth diapers, some bath stuff, books I’ve collected for you, and lots of cute stuffed animals! We also have a really pretty shelf unit for all your cute fluffies, knick knacks and books that your grandpa, grandma, ciotka, daddy and I all worked on. It was for mommy to display her pieces in an art gallery, but since you have come along, mommy decided to stop selling stuff and just use it in your room. We are sort of doing a whale theme for your room, but it will have other stuff in it too. We are going to paint it grey, the furniture will be black and the rest of the stuff will be blue colors. Mommy based that off of a cute bedding set she saw with whales on it. She put it on your registry, so hopefully someone will get it for your room.

We picked a date for your baby shower today. It’s less then a month away from your due date. It’s crazy how fast these last 5 months went and now there are only 4 left! We are just so excited to meet you and have you in our lives. You have made everyone so very happy so far and I know you will even after you come out. You like to move around in my tummy a lot. It feels like you are always dancing and swimming around in there. Maybe you will be a super active little person. I really hope you value sleep like mommy did when she was a baby. That would be awesome. Mommy and daddy have been going and taking baby classes at the Henderson Hospital so we are prepared when you get here. We even sold mommy’s little red Mini Cooper Clubman to make sure we had a lot of space for you. We want to be the best parents we can for you and we will always strive to be. We love you so much and we are counting down the days till we get to meet you!


Mommy and Daddy

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